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Types of Pest

The main rat species found in Ireland is the Common Rat, Brown Rat and Norway Rat. Rats eat all types of foods ranging from grains and cereals to takeaway foods. Adults can consume up to 30g of food per day.

The main mouse specie in Ireland is the house mouse. They are common in all rural, semi-urban and urban areas. They nest in ceilings/wall voids, behind equipment and within stored commodities.

Pest Birds
Birds, like seagulls and pigeons, commonly cause problems to buildings. They damage roofs, eaves, chimneys. They can mess the facades of property with their droppings.

The common cockroach found in Ireland is the German cockroach. It is brown with 2 dark bands on the thorax. They grow to approximately 10-15mm in size.

Silverfish is a species of small, primitive wingless insects. Silverfish feed on books, leather, coffee, sugar, paper, photos and starches. They are attracted by damp areas and clothing.

Bed Bugs
An adult bed bug is brown, oval shaped and has a pair of front wings, but doesn’t fly. Microscopic hairs cover its body. It can grow to 4-5mm long. It has an appetite for blood and feeds off humans.

The black garden ant varies in size from 3-5mm and are black or very dark brown. They are seen as a nuisance crawling over surfaces and onto worktops.

The most common species of wasps in Ireland are Common, German. There are few animals in Ireland that provoke as much negative sentiment as the common wasp.

A flea is a parasite which lives in or on another organism and benefits by extracting the nutrients from its host. The most common type of flea lives on cats and dogs.

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