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The main rat species found in Ireland is the Common Rat, Brown Rat and Norway Rat. Rats eat all types of foods ranging from grains and cereals to takeaway foods. Adults can consume up to 30g of food per day. Rats in Ireland are predominantly gray, brown or black, their body can reach up to 25cm and their tail adds another 21cm to its length. Rats breed seasonally and can start breeding at 2-3 months, and can produce litters of 7-8. A rat can breed up to 5 times per annum.

To prevent rodents entering your home it is recommended that:

  • Food waste be stored in tightly sealed bins, both inside and outside your premise.
  • Do not leave food for birds and pets where rodents can access it.
  • Garden compost heaps should not contain anything that may attract rodents.
  • Keep the surroundings of your dwelling clean

To minimize rodents entering you premise:

  • Seal around all pipes including waste pipes, washing machines, tumble dryers etc.
  • Seal all openings around cables and central heating pipes.
  • Gaps at the bottom of external doors.
  • Look for gaps around facias and tie back loose cables along walls.


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